"Space" notebook

Mateusz Kałwiński

Publication information
Completion date


Media type

Hardcover notebook




32nd Century Era

The "Space" notebook is a hardcover notebook containing the first, rough draft of the Total War Universe. Edited between 1998-2003, it includes small drawings of numerous planets, stars, black holes and various other celestial bodies. There are also sketches of some military starships and ground vehicles of an unspecified interstellar country, the predecessor of the Confederacy of Iliard. The Velara Galaxy is called there a "Lizard's Galactic 2" [sic], and the Wars platform, the conceptual predecessor of the Warmonger-class dreadnought appears.

Dozens of planets and stars drawn in that notebook had been recycled and implemented to the current iteration of the Total War Universe. The oldest examples (from 1998) include: Rylon, Iryda, Demonik, Kadok, Virgil and Lyx. Other notable planets, like Despayer and Bane, appeared shortly afterwards.


  • The notebook is still in the possession of its author and is preserved in a very good state.
  • Its name comes from the word Space written on the cover.
  • Even though the notebook has 192 pages, only 56 contain the drawings.

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