Average height

2 metres

Skin color


Hair color


Eye color

Purple, crimson

The Tharkan (pronounced /'ðɑːkən̩/) were an ancient race of cyborgs, that once dwelled in the Velara Galaxy. They were tall, muscular and brutish. In spite of their barbaric appearance, they were very advanced technologically - after all, they were responsible for the creation of the Mechatron. Tharkan had been betrayed by their own creations and eventually driven on the verge of extinction, but as it turned out many thousands of years after their supposed extermination, small packs of devolved survivors remained in the depths of the Unexplored Regions.

Tharkan were mostly left-handed. This may be a reason why the Robots predominantly used their left arms for activities requiring precision, despite being ambidextrous by default.

Biology and appearance

Society and culture




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