Unknown, presumably the Abyss

Average height


Skin color

Sickly pale

Eye color



Slender, semi-incorporeal, ethereal bodies, large, bent claws

The Phantoms were strange, enigmatic wraith-like creatures generally unknown to the Galaxy. There were a few recorded encounters with those unusual, dark beings, because those who came across them rarely survived the encounters to tell the story.

Biology and appearance

The Phantoms were odd, slender humanoids, reminescent of pale, rotting Human bodies. They possessed several inexplicable abilities, that left the scientists baffled. They were known to effortlessly hover above the ground and to reach almost inaccessible areas without significant difficulties. Moreover, when fatally wounded, they tended to simply disappear, leaving no traces of their existence behind. The wraiths were endowed with four huge, bent claws on each hand, which they used to brutally slash their victims. The Phantoms were even capable of cutting through Confederate Military personnel Advanced Battle Suits and neosteel plates.

Some people connected the wraiths with the Dark Ones. There were many similarities between those dark, dangerous beings, which were presumably not coincidental.



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