Libraism (libra meaning weighing scale and -ism being a suffix, meaning following an ideology) was a ditheistic religion based on the Haithan book of the Ancients.

Libraists believed in two gods: Darjath, the Creator and the embodiment of Light, and Daimaos, the Destroyer and the embodiment of Darkness.

Adherents of the libraism believed in perpetual struggle between the two gods, who fought both for power over the Universe and obedience of the mortals. As such, the followers were supposed to live virtuously and restore the broken Balance (also known as the Harmony) to the world that was believed to slowly fall into darkness.

The religion originated in the ancient civilization of Croachton approximately 64,500 years before the formation of the Confederacy of Iliard. After the establishment of several new civilizations, it gradually became more and more popular in the Confederacy, Jaerin Republic and Western Galaxy Federation, providing additional link between the cooperating countries.

The symbol of libraism was a black-and-white, ornate old-styled weighing scale.


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