Battle of Macchadon

Machine Purge


Year 1904


Macchadon System


Near-destruction of the Robots, victory of the short-lived Velara's Alliance


The Robots





The Battle of Macchadon, widely known as the Final Showdown, was the decisive battle of the frightening Machine Purge.


After a few years of initial successes, unexpected twist of fate and eventual retreat, the Hypersteel Armada of the Robots was finally driven back to its home system. Led by the Ancients, the interstellar states of the Velara Galaxy gathered majority of their remaining fleets and engaged the machines in the one, last battle for the highest stake.

The Battle

When the opposing battlefleets were devastating each other, Ancients' Black Pearl prepared its powerful black hole generator. After a few hours of furious and intense fighting, the battlestation was ready and initiated its destructive generator. Velara's Alliance ships frantically retreated, just in time to escape from the radius of the newly created black hole. The singularity sucked the remaining warships of the Hypersteel Armada and the world of Macchadon. The Robots' forces were finally defeated.


Unknowingly to the others, some of the Androids survived, and their leader, Jinzokami, escaped with them. Eventually, the Robots returned and once again endangered the inhabitants of the galaxy. Nonetheless, the Final Showdown kept its status of one of the greatest victories of the Confederacy of Iliard over the machines. Velara's Alliance dissolved shortly afterwards, in Year 1905.


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