Production information

The Robots

Product line





Light infantry

Technical specifications

1.93 meters

Sensor color


Plating color

Dark grey

Chronological and political information

The Robots

The drones were mass-produced, light but very efficient combatrons used as the backbone of the Hypersteel Armada's ground forces. They were tall and skeletal, but surprisingly durable robots. They were also skilled marksmen and formidable melee combatants.



The drones were designed to resemble the Tharkan, giving them humanoid silhouette. However, due to their mechanical nature and the Omnikron's doctrine of instilling fear into the hearts of organic opponents, they appeared as tall, slender yet broad-shouldered skeletons. Their heads were equipped with short antennae, and their "faces" closely resembled the Robots' logo, together with a single, amethyst optic in the central part.

The drones were slaved to cerebrators, intelligent central control mainframes deployed on the battlefield in a form of floating, mobile fortresses. While incapable of acting independently, each of them possessed advanced responsive modules, allowing them to individually adapt to the current situation.

All drones were armed with phaser carbines that actually replaced their right hands. The weapon was only semi-automatic, but benefitted from the high-power energy bolts and ability to fire a high-frequency burst for limited amount of time.


Even though designed for mass production and easily expendable, the drones were fairly durable and formidable combatants. According to comprehensive tests, individually they were more effective than an armored and armed confederate trooper. Moreover, they could even engage the brawny Goa'tzhul warriors in melee and emerge victorious, thanks to their excellent combat modules and wrist-mounted energy blades.

The drones were well-known for exhibiting creativity, versatility and adroitness that only confederate marines and Goa'tzhul warriors were capable of matching. As such, when coupled with the sheer amount of produced units, they posed a significant threat to every enemy on their own. However, their only apparent and zealously exploited weakness was that they were ill-equipped to face combat vehicles; without their grenades, they could not sufficiently damage the thick plating of infantry fighting vehicles and tanks, falling prey to their heavy, anti-infantry weaponry.



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