The Confederate Plaques, called simply plaques or colloquially referred to as plax (plural) were the main currency of the Confederacy of Iliard.

One tenth of a plaque was called a 'deciplaque' ('deciplack').


As the name suggests, plaques were a physical currency in a form of small plates, though coins also existed to represent deciplaques. In addition to markings, a color presented the value of the specific plaque:

  • 1 plaque - yellow
  • 5 plaques - orange
  • 10 plaques - red
  • 20 plaques - light green
  • 50 plaques - dark green
  • 100 plaques - light blue
  • 200 plaques - dark blue
  • 500 plaques - violet

They possessed holograms and many other solutions to ensure security and to reduce the chances of efficiently forging them.


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