Battle mechas, often referred to as mechs, were bipedal armored assault walkers.


Mechs were utilized mainly by the Confederate Military, but some other civilizations, like the Scillian, constructed vehicles of similar design and purpose. First Confederate models were built some time before the First Machine Purge and were derived from the much smaller and more personal powered armors. It was known, however, that the ancient race of Tharkan employed more advanced models several thousand years before. These versatile machines were usually piloted by single being and acted as a mechanical cavalry, supporting infantry, tanks and fighter aircraft with their considerable firepower and great maneuverability. The latter trait was constantly the subject of further development, resulting in creation of such advanced models like the Icarus-class battle mecha, which sprouted new, distinct branch of mechs, dubbed "variable fighters".

At first intended as instruments of war, mechas were also adopted to civilian use. Various dedicated models served as cargo loaders, helped by firefighting, heavy construction works, etc.

Known models


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