Ayla Deri
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32nd Century Era


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"Greetings, Lovely. This is captain Ayla Deri from medium cruiser Malathon."
―Deri introduces herself to Slaask.[src]

Ayla Deri was a Human female, and a captain of a Striker-class medium cruiser Malathon of the Desparan Neosteel Armada.


Ayla Deri was a middle-aged officer of the Confederate Navy as of 3120.

She immediately reacted to Third Desparan Space Patrol Team's appeal for help and half an hour after the call her Striker-class medium cruiser Malathon appeared at the fringes of the Solon Belt of asteroids. Then, she contacted a man piloting an old, obsolete civilian freighter, who escaped from the derelict Envoy - Varin Slaask, the sole survivor of the unit. She tried to gather some information regarding the events that had taken place on board of the abandoned cruiser, but their conversation was interrupted by a phantom, which had managed to get aboard the vessel before it started. After seeing the militiman's resignation and suicidal intentions, she attempted to dissuade him from doing something undeliberate, but the stubborn Salzan did not listen to her. As she got more and more desparate, he crashed the ship on the surface of an asteroid.

Personality and traits

"What... what the hell are you doing, soldier!?"
―Deri's reaction to Slaask's suicidal maneuver.[src]

At first, Ayla Deri appeared as a cold, professional and competent commander of a medium cruiser. However, after realizing the intentions of Slaask, her interlocutor, she showed signs of anxiety and tried to dissuade him from doing something uncalculated. Seeing militiman's persistence, she finally snapped and started shouting at him, however, with no effect.


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