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"13.07.86, 9:21 am.
I am writing this note, which is presumably my last one, so that in case somebody finds it, he will know about what has happened here. Provided he would manage to get here alive, of course.
―An excerpt from Derkson's logbook.[src]

Arlon Derkson was the last captain of the Consular-class light cruiser Envoy. He served in the Confederate Navy until his death in 3086. He left a PDA, where he had written down the logbook, containing valuable information about the "incident" that had caused the disappearance of the ship and its crew.


Service and first incident

Arlon Derkson was an officer of the Confederate Navy, who lived during the 31st century. He served as the last commander of the Consular-class light cruiser Envoy of the Desparan Neosteel Armada for several years, leaving numerous notes in his personal logbook.

In 3086, during a standard patrol, the sensors of his ship detected strange emission coming from the inside of the Solon Belt of asteroids. Derkson informed the headquarters of the Neosteel Armada about his discovery and decided to examine it, suspecting that it was an espionage probe of the Robots. He described the transmission's nature as similar to that which spacecraft exiting warp-space are emitting for mere moments, but the readings were atypically strong and persistent. The ship entered the belt.

The Envoy closed in to the source of the transmission after a few hours. Then, something unexpected happened. Cruiser's main lighting, communication systems, engines and deflector shields were suddenly disabled, after an EMP-like shockwave had passed through its hull. During the incident, strange things started to happen. Some members of the crew went insane and commited suicide, blabbering about "devils" and "hell". Later, nightmarish noises came from various parts of the ship, including, but not limited to screams of the crewmembers, sporadic gunshots and frightening howls of an unindentified source.

The captain ordered the remaining personnel to gather in the crew quarters sector of the cruiser, which he saw as the safest and the easiest place to defend. When security officers attempted to organize the defense, contact with the other parts of the Envoy was lost. Derkson started to write down his one last note, where he related the events that had led to the ship's then situation.


34 years later, his derelict, wrecked cruiser was found by the Third Desparan Space Patrol Team, which also was casually patroling the space in the proximity of Despayer. The team of Confederate militiamen boarded the ship and searched the deck. They found many signs of fighting, like dried puddles of blood, damaged doors and abandoned pistols among other things. The fire team of corporal Delia Brie eventually came across Derkson's logbook, which he had left in his own cabin. It provided them with valuable information about the events that had taken place there over three decades ago. The very last note of the captain ended with eerie words:

"Oh god. They have breached the doors. Too fast. I have to go. The crew needs me there.
If you are reading this, whoever you are, get out of here.

Personality and traits

Arlon Derkson was a competent officer and a responsible commander. After discovering the strange transmission, he immediately attempted to identify it, taking into account the fact that the asteroids of the Solon Belt were dangerous to his light cruiser. After the incident, which drove several dozen of people to insanity, he remained relatively composed and tried to organize defense against the unknown intruder. Reliable and conscientious to the end, he wrote one last note in his private logbook, just in case somebody would come across his ship, he will know about the events that had taken place on it and will be aware of the danger.


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